The Worst Promotional Tactics EVER!


If you’re an entertainer or entrepreneur trying to push a product or service out to the people, don’t dare do any of these “promotional” tactics. I see these promotional tactics often and they’ve got to come to an end!

1.) If anyone you’re working with suggests you buy followers, views, and listens, run fast! That is the dumbest thing you can possibly do. 20,000 bought followers will not bring business to your services nor will it sell out your merchandise. Bought Youtube views won’t sell out your shows! Take the grassroots approach and build with your fans/supporters and show them you appreciate them. There is NOTHING better than a loyal following.

2.) Sending unsolicited links to people on twitter, tagging people on Facebook with your music, party flyer, product, is everyone’s pet peeve. If you are consistent with promoting onto your own social media it WILL be seen. Don’t be a robot, mix promo with personal thoughts to make people actually like you enough to want to click and possibly share.

If you want someone in particular to take a look at what you’ve got going on, send them a personal and genuine message or email. BY THE WAY, you’re WASTING time sending links to a celebrity or influential brand.

3.) Don’t become spam in someone’s email by emailing them the same thing every other day. We also don’t need to see you emailed 100 other people (use BCC).

Don’t forget to get out in real life, be seen, and network in your industry; social media is not the end all, be all. 

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