Tips on Maximizing Your Music Fan-Base

OK, I love supporting upcoming rappers and singers that work hard & have what it takes to be successful, but with the music industry being so saturated there are some tactics I am THROUGH with. Below is a summary of pointers; I talk about a few in the video. Hope it helps!

STOP SPAMMING: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. We have suffered long enough from people sending unsolicited links of their music to Facebook wall posts, Twitter, and now Instagram comments.

-Too many people have done this, so if you’re talented the perception from people that have never heard of you may be that you’re not good.

-It’s annoying.

-No reason to listen: Links with the same copy & paste message can come off as if you aren’t serious due to…

Lack of engagement with your followers. Disappearing for weeks or months then coming out of nowhere to promote your music may draw people away instead of creating fans.

DO NOT BUY YOUR WAY: BE AUTHENTIC, your bought followers, views, fb likes are NOT going to sell out a show, it will NOT get you buyers of your single, album, merchandise…

-Let’s be real, if you’re not generating buzz with REAL people, you are not going to progress.

COMMUNICATE WITH SUPPORTERS: If you have supporters, show them you appreciate them.

-The more you engage with them, the more they want to SHARE your work which then turns into more fans (not as easy as it sounds, but it’ll work eventually).

-Don’t focus on who isn’t supporting you, they’ll either come around eventually or get left behind.

CREATE QUALITY: With so many aspiring music artists OUT there try your best to differentiate yourself but still be relatable.

– Invest in your craft.

-When making a mixtape/ep make sure it is QUALITY, something you can push for a while, something that can draw some fans.


-If you work hard there is no doubt the quality of your work will be noticed.

GET OUT OF YOUR HOUSE: Lastly, put some in some work in and around your city.

-You have a product you believe in, go out and share it, promote it.

– See if you can network with people who put together shows.

-Go out to showcases and festivals.

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