Spotlight: Tripz is Soaring With No Luggage


New York City native and rapper Tripz is an ambitious & talented individual;  just the type of person looks to spotlight. After the release of his anticipated EP No Luggage, I had to get an interview to dig deeper into his style of music and the meaning behind his project since it is filled with content people can relate to. 

  1. What’s the meaning behind the title No Luggage?

The meaning behind No Luggage… It basically means to let go of all things slowing you down…holding you up. Whether that be a stressful relationship, criminal charges, dead-end job; whatever your baggage is you just gotta close the casket on it. I went through a lot in the process of creating this EP. So I looked at it as the ending of 1 chapter in my life.

  1. Listeners can hear the passion in your delivery but most will feel it when listening to “Behind the Scenes,” can you tell us a bit more about that song? 

Behind the scenes…behind the scenes is just exactly what it’s called lol. It’s a personal looked behind the curtains. Everything may look great to the public eye, to Instagram, to twitter etc… but behind the curtains is a whole different animal. This song was just me describing my side of a story that never came to light. Sometimes relationships move on without proper explanation. This was just my point of view of how things went down.

  1. Which song means the most to you on your EP and why? 

Hmmmm tough one. They all have some type of symbolic meaning to me. Intro I speak about grinding until my mom is 100% straight, pops leaving, people turning their back on me when times got hard, ex’s making decisions I didn’t agree with. Lol shit maybe the intro because I basically touch all subjects at once. “Fuckin Song” is cool because those are all real situations I went through lol.

  1. What influences your style of music? 

The hunger, the passion; the idea of never wanting to work a 9-5 again. I always said I’d rather make 35k a year doing music, touring, doing interviews, etc… than to make 35k a year at a desk job where I have to request vacation time that is barely given, worry about a boss on my back, and living life in a routine fashion. I don’t believe I was put on this earth to do that. No disrespect to anyone who does. It’s just not for me!

  1. If you are to shape your brand after any music & entertainment mogul who would it be and why?

Definitely Jay-Z. Nothing more to elaborate on that. If you know Jay-Z then you know why I’d say that. 


  1. What do you believe is the key to being successful as a music artist?

 Consistency. If you don’t make it believable that you’re serious, no one will take you serious. You can’t drop a song once a year and expect to make it. You can’t simply network only on social media, you gotta get out and touch the people. Get out and brush shoulders. Make your presence felt in a room without being outspoken. Also just being you. Being genuine. It’s easy to see past gimmicks. I don’t rap about nothing I don’t do, haven’t done, don’t have or never had. 

  1. Lastly, where can we keep up with your work and what you’re doing?

Follow me on Twitter & IG: @Tripzy. Soundcloud:

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