Spotlight: Off the Stage with rising star Jayd Ink


A friend of mine told me about Jayd Ink and I’d been meaning to listen to her when I saw she had a new EP on the way called Invitation Only. I figured with the drop of her EP, it will be a great time to get in tune with her music. Laced with 5 songs, Invitation Only gave me a smooth vibe on the first listen; it reminded me of the organic, feel good r&b music we don’t get to hear much of lately. Check out our interview below (I also featured her on my list). Enjoy!


Singing comes naturally for most, when did you realize you wanted to pursue a singing career?

I would say I made up my mind in 2013. For a few years I was a bit indecisive with being an artist or just a songwriter. I started off solely as a writer but I wasn’t sure if the right people were getting the music, if they understood my style or if they even liked it. I thought I’d get a bigger audience if I started to release my own music.

You recently dropped an amazing EP, what was the influence behind Invitation Only? 

Invitation Only is really just an intro to me, it’s my take on R&B and how I vibe to it. It’s my perspective on love, my relationships, my journey with music and how I feel right now.


Which song meant the most to you on Invitation Only

Galaxy means a lot to me. I deliberately made it the first song on the EP because I felt that people needed to hear that record. It’s a quick escape from whatever you want to escape from; it just feels good. I’m very proud of that song. 

What do you enjoy most about performing.

Engaging with the crowd. Just being in my element and having fun. 

*SN: Jayd had just finished getting off the stage at the Known Unknown. She had choreography, dancers, and even did an a capella that the crowd gravitated towards.*


If there is one music or entertainment mogul you would shape your brand after, who would it be and why? 

I like Jay-Z’s brand. With everything his company has been through he always finds a way to take things to another level. He finds a way to rebrand himself in all these different ventures that he takes on. His strategy is brilliant. 

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