Spotlight: Off the Stage with Budding Singer Anjali World [Video]

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of interviewing Anjali World, a singer from the Bay Area at her Toronto tour stop with duo Kalin & Myles. I asked Anjali about her touring experience, having an influence on the Indian culture, and one city that’s she’s never been to that she’d like to perform in


Aside from singing, Anjali World has a non-profit organization called Jaws & Paws aimed to bring awareness to and save endangered species. Look out for her debut EP coming in the near future!


The video was shot and edited by the talented @KWUCreative. Shout out to DRÜGS (Do Right Ü Gain Success) for the opportunity.

Anjali World ft. Tyga- Nobody

Anjali World- Watch Me Bleed

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