SPOTLIGHT: Miami’s D-Mac talks Music Moguls, Women + More

D-MAC_2I had the pleasure of interviewing Miami rapper D-Mac upon the release of his EP Dear Destiny. The sampling on this EP is fantastic and D-Mac did a good job of putting together a solid project as his first official release. D-Mac also has a contest running where you can win a $200 shopping spree from 8 & 9 clothing. Check out the interview below and be sure to download Dear Destiny HERE! D-Mac gave me great answers. Enjoy!

1. When did you start making music and what motivated you to?

I’ve been writing raps since I was about 8 or 9. My grandfather was a band director for Sr.High Schools and an Orchestra Instructor at a few other schools as well so as a child Music was instilled in me. I started out playing a bunch of instruments and eventually starting writing. Mase’s Feel So Good video was the first thing that motivated me to be a rapper, the girls and the cars and the bright lights lol. At my age that kind of flash was pretty enticing. I technically started making recorded music around the age of 13 when I joined a rap group.

2. How would you describe your progression from when you started up to now?

Artistically I can say I’ve progressed drastically. When I first started it was all fantasy raps and cliché songs. I’d literally say “ok I need a club song, a ladies song, a street song, etc.” I think that came from me being so young and following my favorite rappers at the time album formats. Now that I’m older and more mature and have gone through a number of things personally, my music is solely based around that in all aspects.

3. If you were to create your brand after any music mogul who would it be and why?

It would be a mesh between Jay Z and Jermaine Dupri. When SoSoDef was on fire, he had the billboard up when you entered Atlanta on the highway, he had the Money Aint A Thang video, and he had the young,fly, and flashy branded. That reflects one side of me, because at times I can definitely be a little cocky. As far as Jay-Z he just represents the streets meets formal so well. He can put on the urban gear and the chains, and then he can put on the Tom Ford tux and still be the fliest. Well spoken, smart business man, and he has that mystique about him that I think is very important in the entertainment business.

4. While creating your EP “Dear Destiny” what vibe did you want listeners to get from it?

Well first and foremost I hope they appreciate the samples and the awesome production by Feb.9. We worked hard bringing back some of the songs we loved when we were growing up. I hope that people can connect to the topics that I’m discussing. I’m hoping the vibe the listeners get is an enjoyable one, because I sure enjoyed creating it.

5. On your EP, “both” is a song that describes you liking a “bad bitch”+ a good woman. What best describes a chick who is both?

A woman who has great balance. Someone who knows how to tightrope the lines of both sides without crossing them. You know like sexy enough to make you drool but classy enough to make you approach her with some respect. I just think it’s important. I want to be able to bring my woman around the fellas to shoot pool and bowl, as well as do the girly girly things with her girlfriends. It’s cool to be into fashion and shopping and worldly things, but I want you to be interested in recipes and novels as well. Both to me are all about balance.

6. What are some qualities in a woman that win you over and what would completely turn you off?

Looks may get my attention but personality is what keeps it. How pretty you are wears off fast and I mean fast. I’m won over with kindness, integrity, and respect. I love a woman who respects her man all across the board. From the way she speaks to him to the way she represents him on and behind the scenes. Initially and ultimately to win me over though will be intellect and conversation. I’m a thinker, so if the content of your conversations are limited and redundant chances are we wont get very far. As far as turn offs go I have zero tolerance for disrespect and attention seekers. Don’t nag me, don’t be the woman that always complains about things, and don’t do things to intentionally upset me for a reaction. Insecure women annoy me as well. Of course number one turn off in today’s age would be the boy crazy internet shenanigans.

7. Now, most artists have a favorite and least favorite song on their projects, which songs are your fave 5 on Dear Destiny? (1 being the best)

I actually love every record but lets see…  5. Still I Rise – I love everything about this song but just because it’s the intro I always say to myself “I could have came harder than that” 4. Talk My $hit – I love how it sounds in the car and the club, it’s really catchy and chanty, but I prefer to really rap. 3. Different – It’s just a real song. Those are my true love stories and was inspired by my favorite love movie 500 Days of Summer. 2. Dream Girl – I think I nailed this concept for every man in the world lol. 1. LIVE – The song is just be being me talking that talk on such a feel good beat.

8. Lastly, where can we keep up with your work and what you’re doing?

My  Instagram is dmac2r I’m gonna try to post more pictures weekly. My twitter is @imdmac and if you wanna see my scattered thoughts and my favorite tea’s to try that’s where you wanna check me out at. IMDMAC.COM is the hub for everything though. Check me out.


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