Spotlight: Keemotion; The Mastermind Behind the Lens


While in Atlanta for A3C I met Keemotion who is a rising video director from Atlanta. His path wasn’t one he predicted going from an athlete to a visionary but he has built his resume by doing music videos for the Migos, Peewee Longway, Skippa Da Flippa, & Rich the Kid, to name a few. I’ve watched his work and I must say he’s someone everyone needs to start paying attention to! 

1. Being a director wasn’t initially in your plans, tell us a bit about your journey to where you are now.

Yea thats how life goes. I swear I didn’t have any dream of being a director growing up. I’ve been playing football all my life. I had dreams of going to the NFL. But I kinda got tired of getting hit so I wanted to do something that wasn’t going to have me in a wheelchair when I turn 40 lol, but I still love the game. But started off just watching videos on & youtube in my dorm room in college but then I started to think like hey I wanna start actually MAKING some of these videos since I watch them all the time. So I bought my first camera with a college refund check & now I’m here.

2. What was the first video that you directed that opened doors for many other opportunities?

Every video I make opens up opportunities for me because my audience grows every time I release something. But I would say that Migos – 1st 48 video brought a lot of attention toward Keemotion because the timing of that video was perfect and it was my first video that was ever at the VERY TOP of which generated millions of views.

3. Which video did you have the most fun directing?

I really had fun directing the Skippa da flippa “How Fast” video. We shot it on location at a private mansion in Miami beach. Miami is always fun anyway, but shooting that video with Skip was pretty dope. I was literally running a glide-cam the whole time, I had total control over how I wanted the camera to move and I had plenty of space. The back deck had a pool with all types of palm trees, chicks running around naked in bikinis, and me and Skip just went in. He had a great performance and I just worked my Keemotion in motion magic and we got some crazy shots in a fun environment.

4. How would you describe your style of shooting in both videography and photography?

Camera motion design. I just made that up but I think it describes my style well. I really like camera motion and great composition. I make sure that every shot has a meaning to it whether it’s camera motion, color, tone, mood, angle, or story. I’m always switching my style up or setting a new trend. That’s how you build an audience. When your videos look like everyone else’s it don’t matter if you shoot 300 videos a year, if you don’t have your own style of shooting then you’ll just be “another director.”

keemotion2I mean I know there’s not many things in the video game that someone hasn’t already done before but it’s about what kinna SAUCE you got. You gotta have your own sauce you feel me. But at the same time making videos is an ART, so whatever video you make is YOUR ART so who am I to judge your own personal creation.

5.Which famed director has influenced your work and which video of theirs is your favourite?

I really don’t have one. I had to teach myself everything. No mentors or nothing lol

6. If you were to shape your brand after any entertainment mogul who would it be and why?

Probably Tyler Perry, his brand is well known in the entertainment industry especially in Atlanta. He’s got a huge film production studio and generating millions of dollars with his movies & TV shows. Keemotion Films will be on that level one day. Keemotion Studios too. I see a bright future for my company/brand.

7. For those aspiring to be directors and/or photographers, what’s the best camera to start off with?

Its depends on your price range. I would go for a full frame dslr camera. The Canon 6d is a great camera for beginners who want full frame quality. The price is good too. They also have the Lumix GH4 if you want 4k resolution for a decent price but I haven’t worked with that camera before. Basically just do your research it’s simple.

8. Lastly, where can we follow you to keep up with your work & what you’re doing? is my website where all my work is. Twitter: @keemotion4k Instagram: @keemotion. We have a clothing line as well called 247grind . Yea and thanks Jolie for this interview you my homie for life and the best blogger in the game!


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  1. KeeMotion is the Truth!! Much Love and Support Bruh!! Keep doing yea Thing!

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