Spotlight: A Look into The Hustle Concert Series W/ Crossword


The Hustle concert series is a monthly showcase in Toronto put together by The Academy. I’ve had the chance to attend two and the vibe is great! Check out my interview with Crossword who is an artist and also a part of the team that puts this show together! If you’re looking for more exposure in Toronto whether you’re local or not, definitely look into The Hustle!

Why did you choose “The Hustle” as the name for this concert series?

It’s reflective of the type of artistry we’re bringing to the forefront. The artists are up and coming, local, unsigned, they’re hustling! For us to get them to the audience, the people of Toronto, it’s a hustle for us, we gotta hustle their names, we gotta hustle ourselves.


How do you go about choosing the artists?

We look at who’s making moves on their own, who is releasing music. Say someone has an album coming out, we’ll wanna support them in that endeavor. We want to look at people who are innovative in their music, in their craft, are pushing boundaries, are making something unique, are good! We’ve brought artists from out of town who we think Toronto would love, just tonight we have King Visionsary from Detroit.

Jesse: it’s the grind, people working hard, artists working hard and giving them the exposure, the platform.

Me: simple, straight to the point hustle.


Where do you hope to see The Hustle be in the next few months?

My long term goal for the hustle is to be an institution. To be something people look forward to every month. People book off their calendars and regardless of the lineup they know they’ll get a good show. For other promoters to know and respect we’re the 3rd Thursday and they don’t book anything on this night. I want it to be a hub for artists (they come, even if they’re not on the bill but to network). A hub for fans to discover new music. Having our little place in the industry.




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