It’s OKAY to Support Each Other Ladies…

bully_woman_400I’ve noticed in most cases that women are rarely willing to support each other. Being someone who aspires to have a career in the business world (marketing) I am SICK of it! We don’t have to partner up on a company but simply just showing mutual respect, support, and possibly work on a project together.

Of course we’ll come across women that we have nothing in common with (and I don’t encourage being fake in that case) but we’ll also come across women that inspire us, have similar goals and ambition. Instead of worrying about the material or physical aspects of the women we meet and trying to find something negative, we should focus on how we can BUILD friendships and lasting business relationships. It’s like our mindsets have become accustomed to thinking there can only be ONE woman per industry that is doing well and that we have to take her spot.

A personal experience in relation to this topic is when I went to this nice, little networking event and I saw a girl I knew of due to her having a rising business with a few other women. For me, a person doesn’t have to be filthy rich or known on a high level (yet) for me to be inspired or support them. I approached her, we conversed for a bit then we exchanged contact info. After sending a follow up text, the next day & getting no reply I thought “ehhh whatever, no big deal”…

A few days after the event when I found time, I gathered all the cards and contact info I got from people and emailed them a follow up newsletter about myself and my site. The email marketing site I use shows when someone has read/opened an email. Of the people who read, they all replied back EXCEPT for this girl. I was puzzled because I didn’t sense any bad vibes in the convo we had; I also don’t see the harm in building a potential business relationship.Β  The sad thing is many of us have or will experience similar situations :(.

To wrap this up…most industries are dominated by men; if we can barely support each other and continue to be catty, HOW will we gain respect from men?! HOW will we ever be able to dominate in these industries?! Not everything has to be a competition between us women, there can be more than one!!

SN: LEAVE YOUR BOYFRIEND OUT OF THIS lol. Don’t get too personal.

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