Photo Diary: Ended off the Summer in NYC


My friend Tasha and I ended off the summer in NYC. We go every summer so we couldn’t miss going for this one. Although it was our shortest summer trip, we made the most out of it.

Friday: We drove down from Toronto which was not a bad ride at all but once we hit the Holland Tunnel it was over for us; what would be an 8 hour trip turned to 10 due to the traffic. I was just glad I survived driving within the busy city. Later in the night we went to Club Allure in Queens for one of DJ Jus’ bday celebrations. 821 known for their hit “Lobby” performed, as well as Yung Joey, and Kyah Baby.

Saturday: This day was quite the whirlwind, I lost my wallet but luckily had my cash and passport. We went to the city to attend The DL’s day party but as soon as we got there I realized I forgot to bring my passport. WTF lol. So we went to a bar nearby as I figured out my life over some wine. I did end up at the DL last minute cause of Tasha’s quick thinking.

Later on we ended up at Opus. Originally we were supposed to go to Opus but due to earlier events we decided we’d stay local and go to Milk River. Fail, as soon as we got there the line was atrocious. Luckily our cab driver was cool and took us into the city for the low.

Sunday: I woke up to good news that my wallet was found! Thank goodness for the biz cards I had in there. We went to get Bedstuy Fish fry, a restaurant we’ve been craving to eat at again. Their mac & cheese is heavenly. We ended our night at Marquee which at some point, I don’t remember much that happened lol.

On the last day we spent some time in the Coney Island neighbourhood. Always a good time when I go there but it was way too short.


  1. sound like a great nyc trip

  2. Next time in brooklyn go visit Halsey Street Grill at 444 Rockaway blvd, Brooklyn NY 11212 718.6187308/7309.

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