Photo Diary: From Amsterdam to the Motherland


In late November 2014 I travelled to Kenya to visit family and also attend my cousins beautiful wedding. I hadn’t been to Kenya in 8 years and it was great to visit my country for a few weeks. On our way to Kenya we had a layover in Amsterdam for 10 hours. While there we decided to check out the area and the infamous coffee shops. It was interesting to see people walking around smoking weed as if they’re cigarettes.

  Upon arriving in Kenya, the development since the last time I was there was drastic, from the roads to the malls and buildings. Kenya is a small country that is overly populated so the streets are always busy. The wedding was held in the town of Eldoret (specifically Kaptagat) and it was beautiful. The whole community was at the reception, never seen anything like it. I can’t describe in words how great it was to see all my family and hang out with them.

editDSC_9835 editDSC_9827

Things to do while in Kenya:

Go to Nanyuki to visit Mount Kenya: We went for a night, although we didn’t actually climb the mountain we stopped by Fairmount Royal York to get lunch. The hotel was beautiful. We also ate at the Trout Tree the day before (yum).editDSC_9871editDSC_9879

Masai Mara: Masai Mara is the wildlife reserve in Kenya. This experience was truly unforgettable. We went on a safari and saw Lions, Buffalos, Zebras, Hyenas Giraffes, and many more beautiful animals in their natural state. We even witnessed a Lion plot on a baby Warthog and kill it. I kind of felt bad for the baby Warthog but that’s just nature and Lions are so fascinating. We stayed at the Mara Serena; their breakfast, lunch, and dinner is 5 star. Definitely recommend it.

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Nairboi night life: Nairobi had some trendy spots that I got to check out. Vineyards for hip-hop karaoke with my cousin was exciting ( we did Nicki’s Anaconda). The Sankara hotel has a very nice rooftop lounge. Mercury Lounge at ABC Place was a very fun spot. Next time I’ll have to spend more time in the Westlands as that’s the most vibrant entertainment district in Nairobi. Check my instagram for a few Nairobi nightlife photos.

On the way back we stopped in Paris, we only had about 2 hours to get to where the Eiffel Tower was before we had to return to the airport to check in. Although it was a short stop, it was worth it. Check out the gallery below :).


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