New Direction, Same Name: My Journey as a Blogger

New Direction

Mid last year, I wanted to make a shift in the content of; a new direction, same name. here’s a short story on how I got to this point.

How it Started

The interest in creating a blog began in 2010 when I had a graphic communications course; being that it was such an easy going class, I would browse different blog sites, from fashion, to music, personal, and even gossip blogs. My teacher had the students make a blog using wordpress (mine was, so that we can put our class projects on the blog we created.

Fast forward to the end of the school year, I decided I wanted to continue with the blog, delete what I had on there from school and post about those who were upcoming whether in music, business, fashion, etc…because I noticed many blogs I frequented weren’t doing that at the time.

After a few months of good feedback, I decided to buy a domain name and host using WordPress ( through I was having fun at first, I finally made the step to become official and I felt like I had control of my content.

Since I had my email available for submissions, I used to get A LOT of music sent to me (I still do lol); here and there I’d get a street wear clothing line send me something. I love music and I love supporting people who I feel have potential but the more I posted someone else’s work and got nothing in return, the more I became less excited about blogging. This is not what I had planned for my site.

Music artists would ask me to post their music, I’d take the time to properly listen, then post their work, just to get one RT from them. I found it silly I had to ask them to share the actual link, where is the joy in that as a blogger?  For both parties to truly benefit, the effort would have to be equal on both ends.

The Breakdown

In 2011-2012, I had a very rough year of unemployment, probably the longest since I had started working at 16. The exciting, original content ideas I had but my lack of resources started to really frustrate me on top of everything else. I was so miserable I didn’t blog for months.

In early 2013, my WordPress hosting expired and I was unable to renew on time so I lost all my content. When I got everything going again summer 2013, I decided I’d only post what I want to and create original content.

The Get Back

I was on a roll with posts for a few months but then the inconsistency began once again. Nothing was exciting me, nothing was inspiring me, I didn’t want to be considered a music blog. Going a whole quarter or two without posting, I started contemplating if I even wanted a blog anymore.

Fed up with this feeling, I finally sat down and started plotting on what I want my blog to be about, I feel a website is essential depending on your industry. I wanted it to be my experiences, my work, and my expertise, a true infusion of content the C.Jolie way. Three months into 2016, I can say I’m happy with what I have planned for

I’m no longer going to feel the need to compete with major blogs (that don’t even listen to who they post), or the pressures of being labeled a “music” blog. I can just be a fan and enjoy the music, supporting as always through social media.


Tips if you’re considering making a blog

From my experience, here are a few tips I wish I knew before I got started:

  1. Create a plan on what you’re blog is going to be about and the type of readers you want to target.
  2. Blog about what excites you, writing won’t seem so tedious.
  3. Plan out a few topics you want to blog (or vlog) about by the week, month, quarter. Whatever works for you.
  4. Have the right resources and money to help you create (original) content that stands out from the crowd.

With whatever you do, if you’re not passionate, don’t force yourself to be.

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