Lady on the Move: Mia Campbell of PinkGrasshopper


I love to see women who are ambitious and working towards building a business. I reached out to Mia Campbell of Pinkgrasshopper after following her IG and website for a while. In this Q&A, we learn about her new jewellery line King Me, a typical day for her, Vibe Vixen and how she started the Pinkgrasshopper brand. Enjoy!

Mia, you are super stylish! What got you interested in the fashion industry?

Thanks so much! I’ve been interested in fashion and studying style since I was a young girl. My grandmother, mom and aunt are my fashion and style icons, having seen them shut it down fashionably on runways (my mom and aunt were models), staring at old photos of them from before my existence, and even on a daily as I walked through life with them. I got to play in their clothes and naturally grew a fascination and interest. It wasn’t until after college though, that I was comfortable enough to pursue fashion in a professional way and learn how to get paid doing something I’ve always had a passion for but never knew (before then) that I could make into a “respectable” and stable career.


What’s a typical day like for you?

Currently, I’m working freelance for an advertising agency where I manage photoshoots for the print and some digital advertisements required by our clients. I also have a new jewelry line called KING ME By PinkGrasshopper that I operate daily.

I get orders every day so every day I work to fulfill these orders and get them shipped in a timely manner. All of the jewelry I sell is handmade and thus I don’t make it until it’s ordered so there’s a lot of time spent in the “making/creating” process. Moreover, I still keep current my fashion blog PinkGrasshopper of which people look to for fashion and style advice. Also, brands look to me as a fashion influencer so I work with a lot of brands to help expand their fan base.

Lastly, I have day-to-day duties to fulfill as being a part of The Brand Group LA, a PR and event management company. So, typically, my days consists of juggling numerous fashion-related responsibilities that all work to perfect my craft, build my brands and make me feel like I’m always in a rush lol.


What fueled you to start the PinkGrasshopper brand? What’s it about?

PinkGrasshopper started out of my desire to have a creative outlet. I was fresh out of college, working in office administration at an advertising agency. I wanted to have a place where I could show all of me, talent wise, because I knew I was much more than just a receptionist, and even much more than just someone’s employee, but no one really knew what I could offer besides what was on my resume. And prospective employers are the only ones who see those, so what about the rest of the world?! Out of that frustration, PinkGrasshopper was born. It’s a fashion blog that teaches the who, what when, where and how in fashion and style. It’s also a place for people to find out about fashionable hot spots, brands and events, as well as for people to follow my journey as a “regular” girl who made a way for herself to have “access” in a world driven by celebrity existence- people get to see what it’s like to work to get “there” + claim a spot to be and stay there; my journey from “nothing” to “something.”

 How did working with Vibe Vixen help you develop your own brand?

VIBE VIXEN played a huge role in allowing me to have another fashionable outlet that fostered more exposure of my name and face. The experience taught me a lot of things professionally and about myself which I still use for my own brands and for collaborating with others. It also played a big part in helping people respect me and my talent more.


Recently, you launched King Me by PinkGrasshopper jewelry line, what type of person does King Me represent?

KING ME By PinkGrasshopper is a line that represents for women who want everything about their style to speak for them. My pieces are royal, King & Egyptian inspired so everything represents confidence and sexy but with a touch of masculinity. It’s kind of like that new-age saying goes, ” A good girl with a little bit of thug.” Also, while my brand appeals mostly to women, there are quite a few unisex pieces that guys can wear confidently. Not to mention that I can also create anything, anyone wants, so if there’s a guy who wants a certain style pinky ring or necklace pendant, I can make whatever he wants!


If there is one entertainment mogul/influencer you’d love to style with a touch of King Me jewelry, who would it be and why?

Well, I really like Rihanna’s style, especially because she’s into royal/Egyptian/kingly vibes so it would be great to lace her and Rita Ora. Zendaya is also on my hit list- she could appreciate what my line stands for + studying her style my line fits perfectly with her stylish personality. Kylie Jenner also just because recently she (or Tyga) coined herself as “King Kylie” so it would be great to help emphasize the title “KING” for women. Of which brings me to Beyonce who was one of the first celebs to go by the title “King” in front of Bey. I’ve already made some pieces for Cassie, Lauren London & India Love so we’ll see how that goes 🙂

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned on your journey so far?

I’ve learned that you can’t please everyone and you can’t take everyone with you on your journey through life and to success. The only thing you can do to have genuine happiness and stability in peace is to live for yourself, work hard, pray, eat right, take your vitamins, join a church, read the bible; make sure your family knows you love them, educate yourself and travel. Plus, at the end of the day, we all want love so as long as you SHOW/SPREAD love to others and God, you’ll receive it and that’s life. That’s it, that simple.


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