Jahlil Beats Shares the Top 5 Songs he Produced, Hobbies, & More!

While in Philly for the SNPGD vs. CHAP game, I met Jahlil Beats. This interview was not planned at all, I didn’t travel to Philly thinking I was going to interview him, let alone anyone. The Chester, PA native was playing on team CHAP and he also hosted the after party. After the after party, I went up to him and told him I was supposed to interview him back in 2011 but it fell through. To my surprise Jahlil was willing to set one up for the next day!

I went to a showcase he was judging/hosting before that interview so hanging out with him made the interview much more organic. For someone who has seen success, he didn’t have to do this and for that he’s appreciated!

Fun fact: We had to re-record because my friend didn’t hit record the first time lol.

Questions Asked:

  1. When you got your big bag, what was the first thing you purchased?
  2. Outside of music, what are your hobbies?
  3. 5 songs he produced that are his fave.
  4. What’s a song you love that people would be surprised at? [SN: the genre of his answer is actually a rock band, but I think I’ve only heard them on deep house mixes lol].
  5. What advice would you give to aspiring producers?
  6. What legacy do you want to leave?


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