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I met Laura Rickii of while in NYC at this PYNK Mag pre-vma pamper party. When I got back to Toronto, I checked out her site and loved it! She showcases a lot of personal style, while still showing us what’s new in the fashion industry. Laura was kind enough to take her time out to answer a few questions I had about her brand and personal style, check it out below. is a personal style blog showcasing what I wear and how I wear it. I like to entertain people through my perspective of style. Aside from posting my outfits, I also post the latest fashion news and share with you my favorite high fashion accessories through an accessory segment.

  • The name really stands out, how did you come up with it?

Originally, the name of my blog was but after a long drive the name So-Last-Year popped into my head and I couldn’t let it go. A lot of the pieces from my blog are things that I’ve had in my closet forever (some even since Freshman year of High School).So I always say my style is a mix of so last year with so this season! I am a major clothes hoarder, I keep everything!

  • What drew your interest to the fashion industry?

I’ve been beyond infatuated with fashion since I was little. I think a majority of my love for it comes from my Grandma who loved fashion and would frequently take my sister and I shopping when we were younger. I have always loved being around clothes- the power of clothes is something I learned at a young age and I just can’t explain it.

  • What are your goals in the fashion industry if any?

What are my goals in the fashion industry…Hmmm, everything humanly possible.

  • How would you describe your personal style and what inspires it?

This is a difficult question because truthfully I don’t know. I am still looking for it, I guess. It depends who I want to be when I get up in the morning. It is different everyday because my mood is always different. Things that do remain constant in my outfits are that I am very girly and don’t own a pair of flat shoes. I also wear lipstick literally everyday.

  • What are your current favourite looks/styles on a guy?

I love Chelsea boots on a guy and sweaters! Also, a man in a suit can never go wrong. A guys perfect style to me is a combination of Kanye West and Scott Disick.

  • Lastly, where can we keep up with you?

You can follow my instagram for instant updates @LauraGalvan__ , follow my twitter @solast_year or like my Facebook page here:! ..(or do all 3 πŸ™‚ )


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