Party: Henny Palooza Comes to Toronto [Recap Video]

Henny Palooza is an event that was started in@KoolestKidOut‘s basement and it’s popularity blew up quick! After hearing about the New York City Henny Palooza parties, I told myself I have to attend one. Little did I know the party would come to Toronto.

The purpose of the Henny Palooza is for everyone to have a good time and enjoy unlimited Hennessey while socializing but unfortunately Canadian laws regulate people from drinking unlimited alcohol. Although we were limited, that DID NOT stop me from having a good time, after a few shots and mixed drinks I was turned all the way up.

Upon arrival, I was wondering why no one was dancing (yet) so my friend and I made the wise decision of moving over to the side where the DJ booth was and it seemed like I entered a new world. Eventually everyone loosened up and Henny Palooza was a GREAT time.

Check out all the photos taken by @TECHIENYC HERE.

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